Thursday, December 2, 2010

Characteristics of a Caring Teacher

           When it comes to being a caring teacher, the first thing I think about is putting the students first. I plan on doing this in many ways. I know that I will believe in all of my students because as long as I have faith in them they will be able to believe in themselves. Knowing someone believes in you and has faith that you can accomplish something always makes it easier to succeed in the long run. I also plan on treating all of my students with respect and to listen to them because I know that if I do not give them respect, I will not get any respect in return. Also, I plan on attending my students extra-curricular activities because I knew, as an athlete in high school, it really meant a lot to me because it showed me that they supported me in more than just academics and in their class room. I feel as if this helped me to make a closer relationship with my teachers because they knew me as more than just the girl in their third period class. I plan on attending a lot of my students activities because I know how that made me feel about my teachers and I just want them to know that I support them. I feel that if the students know that you listen to, support, and respect them it will allow them to give you the same thing in return.
            Another one of the key concepts of a caring teacher is that they should be work oriented. When I become a teacher I plan to devote everything to my job. I feel as if the student come to class ready and prepared, so should I. It would be completely unfair if I would show up to class not having any idea what I was teaching for the day or how long it would take. Every teacher should use their class time wisely and have a specific lesson plan ready ahead of time that way nothing is rushed or misunderstood. I also feel that every teacher should be willing to work outside of the classroom. For example, attending and volunteering to work at after school activities, grading papers outside of the classroom, and making lesson plans ahead of time. These few things can show how much you care about your teaching job and your students. I plan to be trusted by my teaching staff and my students that I will always put my students and work first.
            When I become a teacher I hope to be very active and engage my students in their education so that they are able to enjoy coming to my class every day.  I feel as if this is extremely important because if your students look forward to interacting with you in your class, it will make them want to learning and give you their attention. If I know what I am talking about more than likely the students will listen especially if I let them interact with what we are learning about. It could be simple this as randomly having class outside or having a guest speaker or even having an experiment so the student never know what to expect each day. I want to be able to provide assignments that the students actually look forward to doing instead of dreading them. With some of the teachers today, they seem to stick straight to the book and do not let their students physically or emotional experiment with the topics. I want to be able to relate my teachings and knowledge to the students’ daily lives. The main thing I want my student to know is that I want them to be the best they can be and that I am willing and will push them to reach their goals and dreams. I had many teachers like that throughout my life and they made me into the woman I am today. I want my students to be able to say that I helped them reach their goals and succeed.

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